What madness is this?



Do you ever see the New York you live in reflected back to you on paper or the screen? Scenes from your life, your conversations, your fantasy world? The voguers on the pier; the sweat shining on performers as they sing for you, dance for you, strip for you; the whispering in the bar, lips to ear, curled and open. What’s that you say? You hardly ever see that? What about the New York you lust after? Women standing in doorframes, the heat steaming them open like letters…
In a time when gay activism has been hijacked by white hetero-normative combat and relationships, In the Flesh asks “How do you fight? How do you love? How do you live?” In the Flesh is a bridge. It’s about a queer* reality melding with a queer imaginary. What makes you analytical, erotic, maternal, spiritual, angry, activist, hustling, pulsing flesh.
Send us your fiction, essays, poems, theory, photos, artworks, erotica, and book, music or event reviews.

* A word on “Queer”
We are not interested in queer as another identity to be consumed. Rather as a lifelong wrestling, a constant confrontation with complex sexual, and social forces.

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Deadline for Issue #1 is March 20th 2012