Thoughts on “Revisiting the AIDS Crisis”

United_in_Anger_3 This weekend, the New School and Visual AIDS presented the 3-part series: Revisiting the AIDS Crisis and the Ongoing Pandemic: Health Challenges is the 21st century. For In the Flesh, one of the organizers shares his thoughts on the kickoff event, Surviving, Uniting, Anger and the Plague: a Conversation with David France and Jim Hubbard. To learn more about the series visit:

by Ted Kerr

Enter Simon

tumblr_mijnk4ojpN1r85mz5o1_1280 “Enter Simon onto the Eagle’s rooftop July heat as visible as the smoke snarling from his cigarette …” by Aldrin Valdez

Comic Relief:  “New Michigan in the Year 2234”

police_173446k Papers Please! A new micro-play by Eric Borlaug. “Do you have a license for you vagina?”

UGLY Soundtrack is up on 8tracks!

Annex - Leigh, Janet (Psycho)_01 The soundtrack to last night’s event, UGLY, is up. If you didn’t get a chance to come out, you can get still get a taste.


BGSQD, NYC’s  only Queer Bookstore, Needs $$ for Permanent Location.

601336_293512067411115_499291946_n  The Bureau, sole Queer Bookstore in NYC,  only has 10 days left to reach their goal of $15,000 to help them get a permanent space on Lucky Ant and it’s an all or nothing deal! Please donate.

The Tail, as it Swings

foxy “None of us is ever fully aware of the total effect of our sexuality at that age, but we have inklings, and those of us who are courageous enough, play with those inklings. The tail, as it swings, says 2 things: ‘Today I am an animal’ and ‘I have a reverse dick’.”

by Ella Boureau published December 3rd, 2012

To Heartbreak Hotel

  Where do we go when we write? What is that brainspace called? What are its parameters? How long can we stay there? Debbie calls the brainspace “The Heartbreak Hotel”. This piece is about illuminating the various rooms inside of us, what kinds of words might be in those rooms, who we might be inside of them : “As this body writes it will occasionally go into the other room to masturbate. To think about sexy or strange things. To feel intense, then dull.”

by Debbie Hu published May 26th, 2012

I Wave My Hands in Front of Me

  Aldrin on David Wojnarowicz’ The Waterfront Journals and blessed estrangement from the individual body : “In ‘Diaries of a Wolf Boy,’ the speaker describes himself as a ‘wolf child,’ someone raised in the ‘remote jungles or forests’ and dragged into ‘his schizo-culture, snarling and spitting and walking around on curled knuckles'”.

by Aldrin Valdez, written April 11th, 2012

The Courage of Submission

  Ella responds to a BOMB interview with Eileen Myles. In particular, the Roberto Rossellini quote “People today only know how to live in society, not in community. The soul of society is the law, the soul of community is love.”

by Ella Boureau written March 26th, 2012

Pink Fog Above

 Ted’s reaction to the strange tenseness at the Million Hoodie March : “The rhythm of the mic check and the low beat of the drums. I was late to Union Square. ”

by Ted Kerr written March 21, 2012

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