The Tail, as it Swings


I was running up the subway steps at Franklin Avenue when I looked up to see a bushy foxtail bobbing above a round, teenage bubble butt. This was maybe the fourth or fifth time I’d seen one of these tails in a week, seemingly out of nowhere, but I hadn’t seen one that fit so well.  Each time this girl took a step, she sent the tail flying up, only to have it bounce back down perfectly into the cleft of her ass. I wish I could show you a video playback. “Woah.” I thought, “Is this innocent or lewd? Is she aware of the effect this foxtail gives her?” Having once been a teenage girl myself, I think I can safely say: Yes and no. None of us is ever fully aware of the total effect of our sexuality at that age, but we have inklings, and those of us who are courageous enough, play with those inklings. The tail, as it swings, says 2 things: “Today I am an animal” and “I have a reverse dick”.

I’m pretty into it, it’s like this hilarious way to make female sexuality visible the way that it never has been before without trying to mimic any kind of “male” swagger. I hope this trend continues.

In other news, while searching for documentary evidence of the foxtail trend, I came upon numerous foxtail butt plugs. So that exists.