Internal Politix


test Cassidy Gardner of QUEEROCRACY talks to us about HIV criminalization. “There’s always been a history of not talking about the safety of the
more oppressed population. The most vulnerable population’s access to
anything that would in anyway be helpful in terms of their health or general
well-being and I don’t think that’s different for people living with HIV/AIDS


41uPtbf8uCL._SL500_AA300_Sarah Schulman talks with us about her new book Israel/Palestine and the Queer International : ”This idea that the West is gonna rescue Arab women or Muslim women is absurd. We need to be rescued. I was thinking about this during the Obama election. What actually is the condition of women and children in the United States? We don’t have reproductive rights. Because we don’t have healthcare. Women are still earning 74 cents to every dollar a man is earning. Women are getting foreclosed on at a rate that’s incredibly high as compared to men. Women make up homeless people more than men.”

 Artist and Activist Camilo Godoy is a New School BAFA student, a member of Queerocracy and a recent recipient of Queer Art Mentorship. We sat down to talk with him about him project on immigrant detention centers. We thought it best that with his extensive knowledge of the subject, and the connections he makes, it would be best to split the interview into two parts.


 On October 1st, 2011, the NY Chapter of Slutwalk organized a protest in solidarity with Toronto Slutwalk, the largest grassroots feminist march in quite some time. While there was a flurry of outsider media response at the time, around the problems and successes of Slutwalk, ITF felt it was pertinent to directly confront the organizers of Slutwalk. Though the original march took place over a year ago, we at ITF believe that the importance of the issues that Slutwalk raises, reclaiming words, and the place of sex positivity in an anti-rape movement, should continue being talked about. What follows is an excerpt that highlights a much longer conversation between ITF and a Slutwalk NYC organizer. The organizer in question chose to remain anonymous.